Parks London Tot Glass Set 10x5cl Candles - Natures Own - B016DH967Q
  • Each candle burns evenly and cleanly for up to 8 hours

  • 100% natural wax with pure essential oils

  • More info needed - what are they?

  • Beautifully packaged and ready to use at home or to give as gift

  • Created by the world-renowned luxury candle-maker Parks London

  • Presented in a stylish gift box, this Natures Own set of scented candles is from the bestselling Parks London Nature's Own collection. Votive candles look wonderful dotted around your bathroom, or placed in a row in the centre of your table. Nature's Own candles are made with natural essences and blended by a leading French perfumier.
    Parks London’s Nature's Own candle set is a thoughtful gift for someone you care about, and an indulgent treat to nourish your own spiritual wellbeing.
    About Parks London
    Parks London is known worldwide for the finest quality scented candles. Made in England using traditional methods they use only the purest essential oils, soot-free wicks and natural waxes. Famous for quality, all Parks candles burn slowly and cleanly, filling the room with exquisite, long-lasting fragrance and transforming your home with peace, love and light

    Box Contains

    1 x Tot Glass Set-10 cl x 5 cl Candles, Natures Own

    Parks London Tot Glass Set 10x5cl Candles - Natures Own - B016DH967Q